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Brent Look “Athena” Videos


Brent Look “Guitar Shedding”



Scott Stapp US Tour “Higher” NJ


Scott Stapp “My Sacrifice”.



Scott Stapp “Bullets” At The House Of Blues, Houston.



“Virtuosity” by Brent Look.



Ricki Eric Tour, Solos.



Scott Stapp Tour “My Sacrifice” on “Life Today”.


Scott Stapp “Sinners Creed” Book Tour, Good Morning Texas, Brent Look.



“After the Rain” Documentary featuring: Scott Stapp, Jaclyn Stapp, Brent Look, in Japan



“The Moods” BBC.



Brent Look “Land Beyond The Sun”.

Brent Look “Bombs Away”


Scott Stapp “Justify” Connecticut.



Scott Stapp “Faceless Man” at The Hard Rock, Orlando.



The Best of Brent Look the Ultimate,  Playlist